China Liuyang Thunder Dragon Fireworks

China Liuyang Thunder Dragon Fireworks

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Name: Thunder Dragon
Tel: +86-731-83603568
Fax: +86-731-83603566
Mobile: +86-13874910167
Add: No.868,Jinsha North Road,Liuyang,Hunan,China
Skype: fireworks168
MSN: SKYPE: fireworks168

About Us

China Thunder Dragon Fireworks Factory warmly  welcome you to visit our web . we hope that your visit to our website will be of mutual benefit. Direct relations between client and China manufacturer will make business more efficient and more beneficial to both of us. We think the following will give you good reason to consider China Liuyang thunder dragon fireworks:
High quality : our products have been well-accepted by clients from almost every corner of the world directly and indirectly.
Huge varieties: we can make more than 300,000 ctns including about 3000 varieties of fireworks
Rich Business expericence: we are fully familiar with different standards from different countries.
Mutual benefit: direct business relations between fireworks factory and client,leaving out the importer,makes it possible to reduce the mid-cost for both client and manufacturer.
Easy communication: I am the owner and have a good command of english.This makes business dealings easier.
Whether your company is already very large or is becoming so,thunder dragon fireworks will surely do something for you!

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