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Chinese farmer uses cannon, fireworks to defend home from government eviction

Author:Fireworks News Date:6/13/2010 4:56:06 PM

A Chinese man is having a blast defending his home.

Yang Youde, a farmer in central China, armed himself with a makeshift cannon and fireworks to save his home from government eviction.

He manufactured his weapons with old stove pipes and about $300 worth of fireworks, the Beijing News reported.

Calling himself a law-abiding citizen, Yang, 56, said he is just protecting his rights.

"I'm a farmer. My whole life depends on farming," he said. "If I surrender, I have nowhere to go."

As government officials and businesses make land grabs across the nation, it has sparked a surge of violent confrontations with homeowners.

Yang has twice beat back demolition crews, spraying them with cannon blasts and the fireworks.

"I don't believe these fireworks can kill," he said.

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